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The Brand – Why You Should Choose WERU

The Brand – Why You Should Choose WERU

The WERU brand has been established for over 170 years and they truly are the experts when it comes down to the manufacturing of windows and doors. WERU are a very innovative brand and are always researching and developing ways to improve products by using state of the art factories and the latest technologies. The brand prides itself on supplying functional windows that will provide the customer with different kinds of benefits; such as high security, energy efficiency and sophisticated design. WERU’s relationship with customers is life-long to ensure complete satisfaction with any installation.

Weru Windows in Blackpool is the central hub for the whole UK network of WERU Dealers. The company director, Graham Lindsay, has over 30 years’ worth of knowledge in the trade and is a proud representative of WERU. The company also has fitters who have worked with WERU products for over 20 years and can advise any customer about what would be best for them. The expert knowledge along with the professional installations that we carry out make WERU Windows the best on the market for customer service and satisfaction.

The merge with Unilux in 2013 has strengthened their position in the market even more, as Unliux are the leading provider of timber and timber-aluminium windows in Germany. (See video)

The products that are made by WERU are 100% factory finished in Germany and if German Engineering was anything to go by; Mercedes, BMW and Audi are all German manufacturers and market leaders in their respective industry, so I don’t think there’s any coincidence there! Germany know how to make things.

You are promised a 10 year guarantee with WERU products and they are designed to last for a very, very long time. As the logo says ” Windows and Doors for life.”

There isn’t another company on the market that offers as many systems as WERU, and to also design windows and doors that are completely bespoke and unique to every customer. WERU Windows are able to meet the requirements and needs of any enquiry, whether it be for a large new build project or a small window replacement.

WERU Windows have liaised with many Architects and Building Surveyors over the years when working on large scale projects, such as new builds and commercial developments. We have always co-operated professionally and efficiently and have built up a very credible reputation within the construction industry.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please email info@weru.uk

You can also find your local WERU UK dealer on this link here