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My cleverly combined window

Would you still be able to remember the name of the window you chose today in five years time? That’s anyone’s guess. But what we do know for sure if you opt for AFINO-tec is that in five years time you will not be forced to think about replacing your windows. The same will in fact apply in

10 or 15 years time. So why is that the case? When you opt for AFINO-tec, you aquire a window that bears your interests in mind and even has foresight. This is because its innovative technology today will above all bring dividends in the long run. And, thanks to the flexible configuration and combination options for AFINO packages, you can bring your AFINO-tec even more closely in line with your current and future requirements.

The bespoke high-tech window

We’re not interested in gimmicks – we’ll leave that to the others. We never use state-of-the-art technology just for the sake of it, in contrast we pursue the clear objective that every innovation should provide you with distinct added value. This is in fact what the AFINO-tec basic window already does. With general steel reinforcement in the frame, the GFP high-tech material and load-bearing components bolted into the steel, it surpasses other windows by means of its enduring dimensional stability and random resistance force. For you, this means high security and maximum conservation of value. Add to this the consistently high operating convenience and excellent insulation values to give you an exceptional living experience.

Freigabe VarioSupreme_MD_YZ07264 

AFINO-tec MD (centre sealing system with three gaskets)

Technical features of AFINOtec

 Profile system 6-chamber-profile
Installation depth: 86 mm
2 or 3 gaskets
Frame: PVC profile with general steel stiffening
Sash: GFP high-tech material with additional steel stiffening with oversizes
Thermal insulation Thermal transmission coefficient of window up to U= 0.68 W/(m²K)
Thermal transfer coefficient of glazing up to U= 0.4 W/(m2K)
Sound insulation Sound insulation value of window up to R= 47 dB
Gaskets Inserted EPDM gaskets (exceptionally weather resistant and highly resilient)
Security 130 kg hinges are standard feature
Standard mushroom cam locks
Can be ugraded to security class RC 3 according to DIN EN 1627–1630
Hardware fixing All security-relevant and load-bearing components are screwed into steel
Maximum sash sizes Windows 1600 mm x 1800 mm
Balcony doors 1300 mm x 2600 mm



  • Exceptionally large glazed areas are possible thanks to high-tech material
  • State-of-the-art GFP technology guarantees outstanding stability and lasting functionality
  • Already satisfies the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance which comes into force in 2015
Freigabe VarioSupreme_MD_YZ07264Outstanding energy efficiency
The profile parameters such as installation depth, number of chambers and chamber size are perfectly harmonised by our engineers to ensure the profile has the best thermal insulation characteristics. With special Weru insulating glass the windows can achieve heat insulation values up to Uw  = 0.68 W/(m²K). This reduces your energy consumption and heating costs which means you feel comfortable in all respects.
High Functional Reliability
With AFINO-tec, load bearing hardware components such as the hinges are screwed into the steel at several points. This ensures enduring functionality and a long service life of the window. IT also ensures a smooth operation even with extremely heavy triple glazing.
More Stability and Burglary Protection
The all round steel reinforcement in the frame and GFP high-tech material in the sash, guarantee outstanding stability and torsional rigidity. The standard mushroom cam locks are screwed into the steel making it more difficult to lever the window open.
More Light and Visibility
Window elements that allow a high degree of light transmission and passiv solar gain are becoming increasingly popular. Our fibre reinforced sash profiles reflect this trend. Combined with steel reinforcing, they ensure outstanding stability and make exceptionally large windows possible.
Permanent Sealing
Our high-quality EPDM gaskets deliver what they promise, even after many years. The exceptionally weather resistant material is highly resilient which guarantees long term tightness. This avoids draughts and heat loss.
Ease of Cleaning
Owing to the smooth, highly compressed surface, the profiles are dirt repellent and easy to clean. They also attract less dust due to a lower static charge and there ar