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Comfort Packages

Those who want a relaxed lifestyle need air to breathe. Literally, in fact. This is because for you to feel comfortable within your own four walls the air needs to be changed regularly.
Exhaust air, odours and moisture must be removed and replaced by oxygen-rich fresh air.

It’s not just you who benefits from regular ventilation. A healthy living climate is good for the house and apartment and helps prevent damage to the building due to excessive moisture and mould. For those who think that ventilation is all well and good but that it also comes at a price, namely higher energy consumption we recommend regulated ventilation. The Comfort packages which are tailored to your specific requirements are the easiest way to do this. These show that it is possible to reconcile what appear to be conflicting objectives: fresh air and energy efficiency.

You have had a stressful day and would like to enjoy some time at home at last. Do you think about regulated ventilation in these kind of situations? Of course not. And you don’t have to either. This is what the three Comfort package levels are for: to ensure the right living and feel-good climate. All you have to do is sit back and relax.


Ensures permanent  ventilation, closes  automatically in strong winds

  • Weru-Air Comfort
  • Slam Stop


Provides basic ventilation with the burglary  deterring performance  of a closed window

  • Safe&Go ventilator
  • Security hardware for WK 1*

*Also available in security class RC 1, acc. to EN 1627-1630


Ensures fresh pre-heated air  which is low in polutants

  • AeroTherm Ventilator
  • Pollen Filter
  • Active Carbon Filter

Why is ventilation so important?

Did you know that 15 pot plants transfer up to 3.6 litres of water to the air every day and that this amount increases by an additional 2.6 litres by taking four shower baths each lasting 15 minutes. Once the temperature-dependent maximum quantity of water vapour which can be absorbed by the air is reached and the temperature continues to fall, condensation forms which can under some circumstances lead to mould growth. The only way to deal with excessive moisture is systematic ventilation.

Which ventilation technology should I use?

Window and internal doors wide open. This type of draught effects a quick and complete exchange   of air. With gap ventilation, e. g. via a tilted window, a moderate exchange of room air and external air occurs. This is only suitable for the warmer season – energy consumption increases in winter with the window continuously tilted open and the temperature of the room falls too far.