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Tilt Slide Doors

wide openers with ventilation options

The tilt and slide door can be tilted to provide ventilation and pushed open sideways to provide access. This is done using a smooth-running one-handed lever handle. Force-controlled scissor mechanisms initially push the door leaf into the tilt position, when the handle is turned further out of the horizontal position, the sash is returned to the parallel position from which it can easily be slid to the side.

Technical features of a tilt slide door

 Energy efficiency Uf = 0.9–1.3 W/(m2K)
UW  = up to 0.68 W/(m2K)
Burglary deterrence WK 1, WK 2
Maximum sash size 1600 cm x 2600 cm*
Acoustic protection up to (RWP) 44 dB
Low Threshold No
Can be upgraded to an entrance door (lockable with profile cylinder) Yes

* as AFINO-tec version.

Windows and sliding doors alike

■ Same quality expectations: stable profiles, innovative technologies and ease of operation

■ Identical optional equipment: from thermal glazing through to burglary deterrence and surviellance

■ Consistent appearance in terms of colour and form. Why not make use of the large selection of Weru colours.

■ One-stop advice, planning and installation plus comprehensive services for lasting enjoyment of windows and doors.


tilt slide doors