WERU Windows


Individual aluminum window for sophisticated architecture

The thermally insulated  Acento AWS 70 AWS Therm Weru-profile series has a large range of profiles for all window or element types and various types of opening.

This makes it the right system solution for almost every conceivable requirement. With high architectural design characteristics, the aluminium system Acento is particularly well suited for high infill basement, staircase walls and reception areas.

Acento (70mm)

Technical features of Acento

 Profile system Outside flush, inside Casement opening
3 chamber system
installation depth up to 70 mm
visual frame width from 51 mm
frame depth  70 mm (AWS 70 Therm)
Thermal insulation U-value frame: to U f = 1.5 W / (m 2 K)
U-value window: to U w = 0,95W / (m 2 K)
Security Upgradeable up to security class RC 2
Maximum sash sizes AWS 70 Therm: 1,700 x 2,100 or 1,000 x 2,500



  • Optimal price-performance ratio and lasting performance
  • Low recurring maintenance costs  required

Ideal for large openings is the Acento-folding sliding door with an attractive design and rounded profile edges. With a slim width of only 120 mm, it offers a particularly high proportion of glass. The symmetrical profile design allows the construction of inwards and outwards or to the right or left openable elements. Additionally For car dealerships, outdoor cafes or restaurants is an extremely low threshold available.
High thermal insulation
The highly insulating Weru-aluminium windows series Acento is an aluminium profile series of different installation depths and achieves U f values ​​to 1.5 W / (m 2 K). Optimised thermal insulation achieved through innovative foam-insulating inserts and large-volume centre seal. The “Therm” profile is compatible with other profiles with a 70 mm depth.
Flexible sliding and folding sliding options
The Acento sliding or lifting door options offer ease and flexibility. Sliding windows or doors sash weight limits are up to 150 kg with lift and slide doors up to a maximum of 250 kg. Ideal applications are private buildings, restaurants, hotels or conservatories.
More safety
The strength of the thermally insulated aluminium profiles are extremely high and are fully compliment to strict guidelines that inhibit the rapid levering and entry to the windows.