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Security windows from Weru: Your reliable protection against break-ins

Weru security windows have various burglary deterrent features that make life difficult for intruders. Depending on your personal protection requirements, you can equip Weru security windows with even more equipment step by step.

Did you know that the main point of attack during attempted break-ins is not, in fact, the glass? In over 70% of cases, it’s the window hardware. And who would have thought that around 80% of all break-ins are perpetrated by opportunistic thieves who quickly move on to somewhere else if they encounter the slightest degree of resistance?

Weru security windows offer options for essential protection, for even greater safety: starting with resistance class 1 (RC 1) for town and estate houses to resistance class 3 (RC 3) for remote dwellings or villas. Your Weru specialist dealer offers expert advice and professional installation for your security windows.

Safety glass: These panes are in a class of their own!

Burglary deterrent glazing from Weru round out your security window! They are in a class of their own. The system is based on two panes of insulating glass. Depending on the security requirements, one or both panes is replaced by special glass: toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass. The security class can be increased by varying the characteristics and thickness of the panes.

Toughened glass

PK3-2-4-1-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Sicherheitglas-Einscheibensicherheitsglas“Prestressed glass” is tougher than conventional insulating glass. The incredible high resistance to blows, impacts and temperature changes, is achieved by a unique manufacturing process. The pane is ball impact resistant from a thickness of 8 mm. If the pane is broken, it breaks into blunt-edged fragments. The distinctive breaking behaviour of safety glass offers double protection: firstly against forceful impacts and secondly against injury.

Safety laminated glass

PK3-2-4-1-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Sicherheitglas-VerbundsicherheitsglasA high-strength, unbreakable plastic film connects the panes, making the glass difficult to break. It also ensures that the fragments adhere firmly to the film even if the pane breaks. And even then, it would take a lot of time, effort and tools to penetrate the pane. A higher security class can be achieved by increasing the number of plastic films and glass panes.

Security hardware – should the worst happen

Did you know that our tested and certified products are on the list of recommended burglary-deterrent components, windows and doors published by the Criminal Investigation Department in Germany? This is proof that Weru windows and patio doors are ideal for keeping burglars and other intruders out.

Weru offers burglary deterrent hardware with several security levels depending on which level of protection is required, starting with the Weru standard hardware. The Weru standard hardware offers a greater level of burglary deterrence through the three security corner deflections with mushroom cam lock and rearward-engaging locking pieces on one side.

Hardware versions RC 1, RC 2 and RC 3 offer additional protection and certified security. Resistance classes RC 1, RC 2 and RC 3 defined in the European standards DIN EN 1627–1630 can be attained using appropriate additional equipment and with corresponding installation.


Self-locking and lockable handle – two handle designs for added security

While standard handles are sufficient for the inaccessible top floor, Weru offers two burglary deterrent handle designs for ground floor windows:

Self-locking handle

Lockable handle

Child-proof lock

PK3-2-4-3-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Abschliessbarer-Griff-Selbsverriegelnd_129 PK3-2-4-3-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Abschliessbarer-Griff-Abschliessbar_129 PK3-2-4-3-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Abschliessbarer-Griff-Kindersicherung_129
The self-locking handle prevents the hardware being pushed out. The lockable handle prevents the hardware from being pushed up and makes it more difficult to open a broken window by reaching in from outside. In day-to-day use, it acts like a child lock. Especially for families with toddlers, we recommend the additional protection against unwanted opening by children. The special tilt-before-turn mechanism ensures that children can only tilt the window and not open it. The window can only be opened fully with a key.

Weru Secur – Surveillance system with alarm function

Weru secur windows have an electronic unit mounted in the window sash, which automatically monitors the window without you having to program a control unit or remember a PIN code. The Weru secur window is active from the moment it is installed by the Weru engineers. Our Weru secur surveillance system is a standalone solution for any individual window. Similar to a vehicle alarm system, its primary purpose is to deter, by its very presence and also by the piercing acoustic signal it emits in the case of a break-in.

Here’s how Weru Secur works

If the window sash is closed and the handle is pointing downwards, the integrated alarm system is automatically primed. If in this state, an attempt is made to pry up the window from outside, the system responds immediately by triggering an audible alarm.
Weru Secur also works if the power fails – thanks to operation with by a leak-proof lithium button cell battery (battery life of approximately two years). Four weeks before the battery is fully discharged, a visual and acoustic signal is output to indicate that it needs to be replaced.


PK3-2-4-4-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Fenster-Alarm-inaktiv PK3-2-4-4-Fenster-Sicherheitsfenster-Fenster-Alarm-aktiv
Red LED lights up:

  • Unsecured state
  • Window is not closed correctly
  • Alarm is not active
Green LED lights up:

  • Secure state
  • Window is properly closed
  • Alarm is active


Some of these features are available within our Protect Packages

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