WERU Windows


My bespoke window design

Did you know that houses can have a slender outline too? With the AFINO-art you can quite rightly opt for more elegance on the outside and more brightness on the inside. The frameless adhesive sash construction makes your window appear larger and most importantly ensures a pleasant day- light atmosphere in the interior that also imparts a sense of lightness to your rooms.

The bespoke Alumix window

AFINO-top satisfies two requirements at the same time. You not only have all the benefits of a PVCu window in the new AFINO family which includes the AFINO package options, it also comes with the visual and technical benefits of the aluminium surface with further colour options. And apart from this, the high quality aluminium facing provides additional protection from the weather.

AFINO-top MD (centre sealing system with three gaskets)

Technical features of AFINOtec

 Profile system 6-chamber profile with aluminium facing
Installation depth: 89 mm
2 or 3 gaskets
Frame: PVC profile with general steel stiffening
Sash: PVC profile with general steel stiffening
Aluminium facing, butt jointed
Characteristic modern aluminium appearance
Thermal insulation Thermal transmission coefficient of window up to U= 0.68 W/(m²K)
Thermal transfer coefficient of glazing up to U= 0.4 W/(m2K)
Sound insulation Sound insulation value of window up to R= 47 dB
Gaskets Inserted EPDM gaskets (exceptionally weather resistant and highly resilient)
Security 130 kg hinges are standard feature
Standard mushroom cam locks
Can be ugraded to security class RC 3 according to DIN EN 1627–1630
Hardware fixing All security-relevant and load-bearing components are screwed into steel
Maximum sash sizes Windows 1500 mm x 1400 mm
Balcony doors 1200 mm x 2500 mm



  •  Unique colour effects possible
  • Even more weather resistant due to intelligent combination of aluminium and PVCu
  • High-quality aluminium appearance

Architectural design solution
The sophisticated design window for all those who like special architectural accents – the sash and frame blend into one. In elevation, the frame is slender and therefore allows in plenty of natural light and provides a  modern clear line. The apparently frameless window integrates perfectly into the facade design.
Unlimited colours
The colour of your windows says a great deal about your personaility. You may wish to incorporate colourful accents, or maybe you would prefer  to adopt a classic look as a reflection of your lifestyle. The aluminium facing gives you this choice – in addition to 17 standard colours, you have around 200 RAL classic colours and more  than 900 NCS colours at your disposal.
Low heat transfer
The special aluminium facing construction guarantees stress-free connection. As there is very little contact between the surfaces of the aluminium facing and the PVCu profile, this avoids direct conduction of heat which prevents the surface of the PVCu profile from cooling.
Outstanding energy efficiency
Parameters such as installation depth and number and size of chambers ensure outstanding thermal insulation characteristics of the profile. With special Weru insulating glass the windows can achieve heat insulation values up to Uw  = 0.68 W/(m²K). This reduces your energy consumption and heating costs.
High functional reliability
With AFINO-top, load-bearing hardware components such as the hinges are screwed into the steel several times. This ensures enduring functionality and a long service life of your window, even when using extremely heavy triple glazing systems, and also ensures smooth operation.
More stability and burglary protection
The all-round steel reinforcement in the frame guarantees outstanding stability and torsional rigidity. The mushroom cam locks that are supplied as standard and are screwed into the steel also make it more difficult to lever the window open.