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Bespoke Premium Windows

Everybody should get the window that suits them. Nothing more and nothing less. Though this may at first appear to be stating the obvious, on closer analysis this is, in fact, a small revolution in the window sector. While others have been striving for one perfect window, we have made it our goal to achieve a range of perfect windows which are as diverse as possible. The AFINO windows, which come in three different basic forms, allow you to obtain your own entirely individual objectives. Most notable, however, is the large number of technical innovations that feature in the AFINO Window that you can combine in any number of ways according to your individual requirements.

It’s good to be prepared for everything

Is there anything that beats unique technological innovation? Yes! Unique technological innovation that you can freely configure according to your individual requirements. As standard, we offer an innovative window construction which, thanks to our many years of experience in the development, production and assembly of quality windows, combines the best solutions for PVCu window requirements. The result: a perfect balance of sash and frame, profile and glazing, installation depth and insulation properties and your requirements and our innovations.

This speaks in favour of AFINO quality

  • to ensure outstanding and lasting stability for years
  • Easy to clean rebate gasket or insulation-optimised centre gasket, the choice is yours.
  • Maximum window sizes thanks to GFP high-tech material and steel reinforcement.


The bespoke high-tech window


The bespoke Alumix window


The bespoke architect window