WERU Windows

Common Misconceptions

The window and door industry is ever evolving which can cause a range of misconceptions amongst customers. We’re on hand to clarify the myths so you will have the knowledge to make the best, most informed choice on your next window or door purchase.


When buying windows and doors, people may assume that there’s a limited range of colours to choose from. Our RAL   gives us the freedom to offer an extensive collection of colours and shades to suit your style. We have up to 200 classic RAL colour shades and many textured durable acrylic surfaces. Alternatively you can opt for foils using one of our many structured colours. There are also hundreds more RAL classic and NCS shades available on our aluminium surfaces, such as pure white, iron grey and fawn brown, providing you with a fantastic selection to suit any style of property and complementing your interior design.

Energy efficiency

Large windows have become a staple of modern architecture, but many people can worry about the impact this has on the day to day costs of running your home. Whilst cheaper, low quality windows that are glazed inefficiently may cause your home to lose heat, Weru windows have a unique triple glazed profile that produces an unrivalled level of energy efficiency. The installation depth, number of chambers and chamber sizes have all been perfectly harmonised by our Weru engineers, to ensure the profile has the best thermal insulation characteristics. This impressive level of efficiency will keep your home warm during the winter, and cool during the summer, and can even reduce your heating bills.


One common misconception when it comes to large windows and glass doors is the security risk they pose. Weru windows actually act as a deterrent to burglars, as they’re specially engineered to be both secure and safe. A high-tech GFP material and load-bearing component is bolted into a steel reinforced frame, which gives the window panels an incredible amount of resistance and endurance. It’s the load-bearing hardware components that ensure the windows have a smooth, easy operation, despite the heavy triple glazing.


Naturally, you’d expect larger windows to be harder to maintain, however, Weru use technology that helps the homeowner. The smooth, high compressed surface of our window profiles repels dirt, keeping the window clean both internally and externally. There’s also the added bonus of them attracting less dust due to a low static charge. Your Weru windows will stay noticeably cleaner than standard windows, despite the fact that the glass has a bigger surface area.

Advanced systems- biometric reading

Technological advancements have made our lives increasingly easier day to day. You can do almost everything from the touch of a button, whether it’s paying for your shopping, unlocking your smartphone or putting on the kettle. However, did you know that there’s a biometric finger scanner unit that can be installed on your Weru front door?

The finger scan unit allows you to open your front door conveniently, using only your fingerprint. You won’t have to worry about remembering your keys, or losing them, as the control unit stores a database of recognised users and in the case of a unique match, unlocks your home with the touch of a finger.

This not only offers you a convenient and easy solution to home security but also provides peace of mind, knowing your home is securely locked with a major deterrent for burglars.

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