WERU Windows

Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Project: Alderley Edge, Cheshire

This project includes our Weru Afino TEC system in Anthracite Grey. 

This full re-model project in the quaint village of Alderley Edge, Cheshire was completed over a number of phases in conjunction with building work. There are many occasions when we have to communicate with other trades to ensure the project is completed on schedule for the homeowners.

The homeowners first saw our products at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show in Birmingham at the NEC. We feature at the show every year and enjoy showcasing our products and hearing about new and exciting projects. The show is a great platform for those thinking of building their own home or beginning the process to find out insightful information from the experts!

We manufactured both the windows and the bi folding patio doors as well as a bespoke front entrance door from our Atris collection. All items were manufactured in an anthracite grey which was co-ordinated to match the existing garage door. The inside of the windows and doors however, were in white to match the interior of the house. The installation was carried out with Weru accredited partner, Eddisbury Construction, who has been serving the local community in Cheshire since 1981.

For this project, we used our Afino Tec system fitted with solar powered integral blinds. For more information on our integral blinds click here. Our Afino Tec system boasts an incredibly low U value for energy efficiency which allows us to reach that sound insulation of up to 44db. The triple glazing we selected for this project has superb thermal properties which reduces solar heat gain. In short, it keeps the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Architect: www.bloq-architects.co.uk

Testimonial: Our new choice of home was exactly where we wanted to live and thankfully it was south-facing and ripe for a total refurb! Central to our thinking was open plan living, with a desire to ensure that the south-facing rear garden would welcome the light and sunshine benefits into our home.

The Weru brand had captured our thoughts for windows, doors and most importantly bifolds. Their product easily performed best in our eyes at the exhibitions. Our architect had guided us well here, so a visit to Weru at their Blackpool showroom was decided upon.

We arrived without notice and asked the first person we saw to introduce us to their product range, Nick , their ICT manager, he spent a couple of hours showing us what was on offer. Now we were sold on Weru.

It was time to ‘talk the deal’ and Kate was a joy to work with. We now have a substantial and attractive front door, 4 easy gliding 3 pane bifolds and all new matching windows throughout. Some nice touches include finger-print entry at the front door and solar-powered blinds between the panes of our windows and bifolds. Naturally we’ve had a few questions, Weru like things to be more than just OK so where needed we have been introduced to key personnel at companies that Weru source from, which ensures that we get the best answers to our questions.