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How You Can Add Value To Your Property

How You Can Add Value To Your Property

Adding value to your property is key if trying to sell your house or if you are a property developer wanting to make a return on your investment.

You can do lots of things that will all add value to your home but some are more rewarding than others.

Several home improvement projects, such as new kitchens, bathrooms, loft conversions, extension and conservatory all add different amounts for value and all differ in cost.

As a homeowner you need to be getting your “bang for the buck” and see which type of improvement would be best for you and your property.

In some cases, homeowners can overdevelop their house and make it untouchable to potential buyers. If you live on a street where house prices are around £140,000 and your house is being valued at £200,000, this will have a negative effect on you trying to sell your house.

You want to be making reasonable improvements; prioritising the most important things first i.e windows over kitchen floor.

The exterior of your property is obviously the first thing that people look at so you want it to look as appealing as you can. Fitting new windows and doors can completely transform your property. Weru Windows will add enormous amounts of value to your property, as they are a state of the art product and very well manufactured.

The guarantee you get with WERU windows is that they will last a lot longer than any other windows on the market. That in itself is a selling point, as the next owners won’t have to worry about changing the windows for a good number of years. (See Gallery) In addition, as our windows are very energy efficient, this also adds a huge amount of value to the property because people will pay the extra to have a home that is well insulated. In the long run it’s very beneficial for them and will help keep heating costs down. Most of our windows are also triple glazed as standard, meaning that sound coming in to the property will be kept to a minimum

If you’re lucky enough to have a large back garden, you could consider having a conservatory or glass room installed. It’s a good way of making use of space that isn’t necessarily used and can be utilised as an extended living space. The real benefit you get from glass rooms is the increased light into your home, especially in the summer months. Glass Rooms, Orangeries and Conservatories all vary in price depending on the size of the build, and would normally cost in the region of £5,000 to £10,000.

If you live in a detached property or a one storey bungalow, there’s an opportunity for you to have extension or a loft conversion. Building either of these can add a significant amount of value onto your home, as you are able to increase the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms you have.

You can add value just by doing simple things such as giving all the rooms in the house a new lick of paint as this will brighten up the whole house and make it look more modern and updated. Nobody buying a house wants to see shabby old wallpaper on the walls, as it will really put them off looking round the rest of the house because they will just assume that it’s the same in every room.

Adding value to your property can be so worthwhile and relatively low effort if all goes to plan. If you’re in the financial position to do some home improvement, it’s definitely advantageous for you.

Here is a breakdown of which home improvements add the most value to your property.

Type of home improvement Added Value %
Extension 10-12% (based on average cost of around £15,000)
Exterior (Windows) 5-8% (based on average cost of around £6000 – £10,000)
Loft conversion 15-18% (based on average cost of around £30,000)
Painting and Decorating 2-3%

Figures from “This is Money”, “Daily Telegraph” and “Uswitch”. 

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