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Remodelling with Windows and Doors: Before & After Showcase

Remodelling with Weru

Whether you have a project that you’ve bought specifically for remodelling or you simply feel like your current home needs a face lift, replacing the windows and doors can have a huge impact of the overall look of your property.

Here’s a showcase of what can be achieved by creatively using windows and doors. Whether you choose on-trend anthracite grey for the whole house or prefer to make a bold statement with a red entrance door, Weru can help you give your property a stylish design, with superior quality.






Designer Door Remodelling

This is a perfect example of simple remodelling & how changing the style of your front entrance can give your property a contemporary look. The clients chose to replace their tired wooden front door and half side lights with a modern new Weru Sedor.  By setting the door to one side, this entrance now has one full-length triple glazed sidelight offset to the right, giving the entrance a more current look. This aluminium Sedor is finished in a similar colour to the original, RAL 7006 but is far better performing in terms of energy efficiency, with quad-glazed panel insert. The final contemporary touch is the addition of bio-metric finger scan entry system, meaning no need to carry door keys around!

On Trend Grey Replaces Moody Blue

This impressive remodel depicts the impact a change of window design and colour has on the image of a house. This property has been totally transformed using innovative Weru Afino-Tec systems, which not only give the property a modern aesthetic, but will also provide a better quality of comfort inside the home. These tilt & turn units have been finished in RAL 7016 anthracite grey, which has been a popular colour trend in property design in recent years. The home owners have also converted the existing garage into an extra living space, with the extra window helping to balance out the overall look. The small arched window in the hallway has been replaced with a new rectangular unit, seamlessly blending in with the rest of the glazing. The makeover is completed with a Weru Atris-Life aluminium entrance door, in the same grey colourway. Weru have the largest range of designer doors in Europe, all bespoke made to measure.

Bold Porch Remodelling

Our client felt this tried porch needed a colour injection! They decided to make a feature statement of their entrance by choosing a bold red colour to replace their front door and sidelights. The new entrance comes complete with bio-metric finger scan entry system, allowing up to 99 unique finger prints to be stored in its memory bank. The use of sandblasted obscure glass in both the door glazing and sidelights provides extra privacy, without the need of blinds and allows natural light to fill the porch. This remodel makes the entrance to this home a bright and inviting space, with a contemporary feel.

Completely Remodelling

Wow! What a difference! This property had original double glazed windows with top openers and dated lead design on the glazing. Choosing to follow the grey trend, this project shows the true potential of transforming a house from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only do the Weru Afino-Tec windows provide a great contrast to the freshly rendered cream exterior, they also provide high levels of security, up to RC3, in addition to laminated glazing. The juliette balcony also features a tilt and turn operation, perfect for secure night-time ventilation. This property has been finished to an exceptional standard, bringing the design of this house into the 21st century.

Modern Anthracite with Chrome Design

There is a definite theme with the choice of grey in modern renovations, with this example again in an anthracite finish.   This client chose to make a feature of the handle on this door with the long stainless steel bar, which compliments the steel design detail on this Weru Sedor perfectly. This powdered coated aluminium entrance door is available in any RAL colour and can be rebated or flush, as seen on this example. A wide range of handles, hinges and rosette options allow you to create your door, your way!

Outdated Design to Desirable Home

This is another spectacular comparison of before and after images. The first image show a 1970’s property with white double glazed units and traditional top openers. The client replaced the white frames with Weru Afino-tec anthracite grey units, with tilt and turn action. This allows larger panes, bringing a modern design the the property. Not only do the windows add kerb appeal, they are also triple glazed providing better performance in terms of energy efficiency and sound proofing. This property had no other alterations to the facade, apart from finishing the garage door in the same RAL 7016 colour, to complete the look. This is a great example of how to remodel simply by being creative with the replacement windows and doors you choose.

Remodelling Inspiration

This is just a small sample of some our the work Weru has done to help homeowners remodel existing properties, allowing them to create a fresh, contemporary design, which could rival any new build project. Although at present most clients are opting for the various grey tones, Weru window systems have an extensive range of colour options to suit all tastes, from classic white to statement green and various wood grain finishes. Weru aluminium entrance doors have various glazing and unlimited colour options, including patented designs to provide the ultimate bespoke designer door.  If you know you want something different but can’t visualise how it might look, our in-house specialists can provide you with computer generated images showing how various designs would look on your property, helping you make the right choice for your home.








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