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Replacement Window Reveals Picture Perfect Coastal Views

This project uses a Weru Afino-tec aluminium-alternative window to create a bespoke unit which opens up the living area of the property, allowing extra light and uninterrupted beautiful views across the Southampton waterways.





The location for this replacement window project was a property overlooking the River Itchen in Southampton. The property is situated in a prime location for spotting cruise liners and other vessels, sailing in and out of the port. Whilst we were working on this project, we managed to catch a glimpse of the impressive Cunard ocean liner Queen Elizabeth in port.  The owners of this property maximise the prime position by regularly watching through their window.

Replacement Window

The previous window in this property consisted of unsightly mullion and transoms, which obstructed the view and restricted the amount of light entering the room. The Weru Afino-tec range was the perfect solution for this replacement window project, with the German technology offering hybrid triple glazing with U-values as low as 0.68wmk2. KlimaTherm technology is used in this panoramic unit,  which helps to retain heat inside the property and also provides a cooling effect on very warm days, without losing any solar gain in the winter months. This technology also eliminates the need for tinted or reflective glass.

Installation Process

The Afino-tec window frames in this replacement window are made from ultra-strong carbon fibre-like material called GFP FiproRau. Due to the strength of this hard-wearing material, the Afino-tec range supports the weight of large panes. This floor to ceiling unit at 2.4m wide weighs over 250kg! Due to the size and weight of the window, specialist equipment was used to lift the window into position. The hard wearing white finish was used to match the rest of the development but the Afino-tec range is also available in a wide range of RAL colour options.


Client Testimonial

“Having recently moved into a house overlooking Southampton water, we loved sitting watching the cruise ships leave the port of Southampton, especially at night when the lights dazzle.  Unfortunately, the windows we inherited with the property had a horizontal bar right at eye level, which spoiled the view.

Having researched many companies selling triple glazed windows, we came across Weru’s Afino-tech product. By using their technology, we could order a bespoke single panel sealed triple glazed window, that offered us a breathtaking panoramic view.

I’m pleased to say that Weru’s fabulous technology is more than matched by the superb service we received from the company. From the initial measuring by Darren, to the trouble-free installation, the process has been flawless, fault free and a most pleasant experience.

In summary our view of Southampton Waters now matches our view of the product and service delivered by Graham Lindsay and his team at Weru, in a word – Spectacular!”










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